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Hotels and Restaurants

Water is used everywhere in a hotel – for cooking, drinking, heating/cooling, bathing and laundry. So the quality of the water running through your property can have a huge impact on the comfort and safety of your guests and staff as well as your operating costs.

Hotel owner benefits from:

  • Increased heavy-appliance lifetime and function.
  • Energy savings due to effective water heating and treatment.
  • Decreased cleaning time.
  • Longer-lasting towels, and textiles (soft water extends linen life by as much as 40%).
  • less quantities of detergents used in cleaning and laundering

Your guests benefit from:

  • Softer, more comfortable towels.
  • More tasty food and beverages.
  • Better quality spa, showers, and more.

Arab Engineers has installed & commissioned high quality water treatment systems for many hotels with a capacities of 20 ̶ 30 m3/hr. Our systems are fully automated and controlled through your office or even abroad using PLC.