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Hospitals and Labs

Water is used throughout a hospital – for steam generation, heating/cooling, sterilization of surgical instruments, dialysis treatment – and so the quality of water has a huge impact on the health, safety and comfort of your patients and staff.


Examples of application:

  • Hemodialysis

The quality of water used in hemodialysis systems is a requirement of successful dialysis treatment and must be available at all times. With AEWT Reverse Osmosis dialysis water treatment system the patient can be confident he is in safe hands.

Reverse osmosis system with UV disinfection units, using touch screen powered by PLC the user can quickly and accurately monitor all key parameters such as water quality, operating pressure, flow rates and water consumption data using advanced GF instrumentation.

Pre-treatment is provided to the unit using the High Efficiency range of filters and softeners.



  • Patient Rooms:


You need the best water in the most important place in your facility: the patients’ rooms.

AEWT offers a range of solutions including filtration solutions for shower heads, drinking water, and point-of-entry water treatment for all the water used in the rooms.

Multimedia Filters/ Softeners/ R.O units and UV units can be provided.