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Drinking water Treatment Factories and Stations

Drinking water Treatment Factories and Stations

Drinking Water Treatment Plants are systems that are designed to treat and generate drinking water from wells, rivers, and even the sea.

AEWT have designed and operated a large number of reverse osmosis desalination plants contain preassembled and skid mounted equipment, all based on good engineering practice and AEWT know-how for such equipment.

With the assistance of reverse osmosis, these machines have the power of removing massive amounts of salt, organics, and contaminants found in water. Reverse osmosis is the main part of the station. The pretreated water is pumped to semi-permeable membranes which divide the inlet stream into permeate and reject streams by reverse osmosis pressure. The treated permeate stream will have 99% of initial TDS removed into the reject stream then you will obtain a desalinated water